Software Development

Project Expertise

Profit from our solid working experience with the design and implementation of large databases, multi-user web applications and traditional desktop applications. We have the expert knowledge to design, program, run and maintain a successful software solution for you.

Technology - We know our toolbox!

Excellent skills and experience with modern programming technologies are indispensable for the realisation of a software project. We can offer extensive experience on technologies like SQL, HTML, XML, Javascript, AJAX, Mircosoft.NET, C#, Java, Swing and C++. W3C
For the creation of web applications, we currently build on Microsoft technologies like SQL Server as database, C# as programming language and ASP.NET for the creation of webpages. We are a registered Microsoft partner in the Empower for ISV program. SQLServer
In the age of "Web 2.0" an increasing amount of interactivity is expected from internet applications. Here we have excellent experience with ExtJS which allows to build almost desktop-like applications running in a webbrowser. ExtJS

Form Follows Function

Users of our software have praised us for the intuitive and strait forward user interfaces. We concentrate on handy, efficient and reliable functions for working people rather than lots of flashy graphics.

Building blocks for event and equestrian software

Our sustainable activity in the world of sport management and events allows us to build solutions for these fields with an unprecedented efficiency. Do not reinvent the wheel! We already have all the building blocks for programs revolving around events, riders and horses. A rich library of pre-build functions and components for equestrian data as well as event management applications allow us to quickly compose large solutions on a reliable foundation.

Calendar Examples:

  • Import&Export Data: HippoBase can read and write horse data in seven languages.
  • Duplicate anylysis for horses: Match names with different spellings, statistical equality hints based on horse details.
  • XML formats for transfering horse and competitor data.
  • Checking and auto-correction of input data.
  • Live search: Find riders or horses while you type their name in a web browser.