HippoBase - Prerequisites for Organizers

Technical Requirements

A fast internet connection via ADSL, UMTS or a service with a similar or higher transfer rate is recommended. Internet connections with lower transfer rates (ISDN, Modem) may be used but a flawless operation cannot be guaranteed.

Because HippoBase is available as a service over the internet organizers do not need to install any special software. You can use the software from any point in the internet with a recent webbrowser.

Javascript and cookies must be enabled in your browser for HippoBase to work properly.

Optional Trivia: If you want to make use of the various email links provided in HippoBase an email software like Outlook or Thunderbird should be installed on your computer.
In addition to regular web pages, HippoBase can generate Microsoft Word documents of some reports. Microsoft Word version 2002/XP, 2003 or later is required for this.

Setup of an Event in HippoBase

Please send the schedule(s) of your event to so we can set up the system for you. If the new schedule has not yet been approved a version of the previous year or a draft of the current event will do. Our terms and conditions oblige us to maintain silence about any draft versions of your schedule.

It takes between 3 and 5 days to configure the basic settings of an event depending on its complexity. Settings for additional features like accreditation will take extra time.

User accounts

A leading member of the organizing committee may request user accounts for 1-5 people, depending on the contract and the size of an event. Please see the page HippoBase Login for details.

How to Inform a National Federation

For the "Entries" section your in schedule, we recommend the following text:

All entries have to be submitted using the HippoBase online entry system. The OC will regard the data supplied online as the only official entry information. National federations who need a user account for their staff members, please see

If it is to late to add the "obligatory text" to the schedule or to remind national federations in the invitation we recommend the following:

National federations are kindly requested to submit all their entries using the HippoBase online entry system. National federations who need a user account for their staff members, please see

EntryListCompetitors Some 150 staff members at over 60 national equestrian federations already have a user account for HippoBase. All major national federations log into the system regularly. Once you have invited a country in the system, the respective national federation will see your show in their list of upcoming events (picture to the right).

What does a computer result service need to know?

HippoBase is oriented towards the back office area and does not aim to compete with any result service. Competitors and horses may be exported electronically in accordance with your computer result service company.

Employees of major result service companies like hippo data, Sports Computer Graphics and swisstimig already have a user account and can download the data themselves. They might also use HippoBase to fulfill their tasks in the show office.