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HippoBase - The Equestrian Online Database

The HippoBase online service for national equestrian federations and organizers of international equestrian events. Please see the "HippoBase" section of our website for details.

In contrast to computer result service companies, we do not deal with the on-site data handling during an event. We concentrate on supporting organizers during the often stressful preparation phase of an event. Let us help you to get you going!

Graphical Date Formatter

Calendar The FEI event calendar contains some 2000 equestrian events per year. Remembering only a small portion of these dates as numbers is difficult. However, if the date is converted into a position on a timeline this becomes much easier.

Another problem when planning dates is that some of them should not collide with each other. A graphical representation makes it much easier to recognize collisions instantly.

The Equinis Date Formatter uses the raw data of the FEI event calendar and maps it onto a grid of days, weeks and months. The new official FEI colors are used to depict the discipline of an event. Important events have a darker background color and should appear more towards the top.

Try it yourself:

Show Office Software

AquiloScreenshot Aquilo is a software for running the show office and calculating results at student riding competitions. Since 2001, it is the official software for all international student riding competitions under the auspices of AIEC and all German competitions under the regulations of DAR.

Student riding competitions are team competitons with a round based knock out system in dressage and jumping. The rules for calculating results and various individual and team rankings are rather complicated and somewhat comparable to eventing.

The software is programmed in Java/Swing and uses XML as native storage format and HTML to create start and result lists.