HippoBase - Features for Organizers

Please read here for a short general overview of HippoBase.

Core Features

Entries: Competitors and Horses

Traditionally, the data of entries is compiled manually by national federations in various formats, sent as text by fax or email and needs to be re-entered by the organizers to create various lists. With HippoBase, this is simplified considerably because national federations and organizers work on a single online database. This way, the data of competitors and horses does not loose its structured format which makes it suitable for further electronic processing at an event.

  • Create reports for horse inspection, master list, stable list, box labels, etc.
  • Competitors can be displayed on the events website and changes are reflected automatically.
  • Competitor and horse data can be transfered electronically to a computer result service.
  • Records of competitors and their companions can be used for hotel bookings and accreditation without maintaining separate lists.

Our close cooperation with dozens of organizers has showed us efficient and not so efficient ways of doing things when organizing a show. You can profit from that experience! HippoBase incorporates a variety of efficient, tried-and-tested procedures for many little details which formerly caused hours of extra work.

Team Working for the Organizing Committee

Most members of the organizing committee usually meet in the same office only shortly before the event. HippoBase allows them to cooperate over the internet on a common database long before the event.

  • Once logged-in, all HippoBase users can see the same up-to-date information.
  • Experience the simplicity of managing a rider as a single record in a common, shared database instead of having his data spread out over dozens of documents which are hard to keep up to date for everybody all the time.

Members of the organizing committee can have different rights for viewing and modifying data. Access can be limited by responsibility (entries, hotel, accreditation, etc.) or by category of people (participants, guests, media, staff,...).

Optional Features

Manage All Your People and Contacts

In addition to the sports centric functions, HippoBase offers excellent support for the management of a large number of people present during an event. People like staff, officials, guests, journalists, etc. can be maintained by the system.
Competitors and their entourage are usually cleared before you start working on a new event. But people like staff, officials and guests who normally come again every year remain in HippoBase with their phone numbers, email and address as well as conditions for hotel and accreditation.

a) Hotel Bookings

  • Store bookings for officials, staff, guests, etc. together with those from participants.
  • Requests for rooms can be made by national federations online and then be processed by the organizer.
  • Arrival & departure date, room type, a hotel and payment conditions can be assigned to any person in the system.
  • Special group functions allow to modify hotel settings for groups of people
  • Print guest lists for each hotel.

b) Venue Access Control

  • Add and group people quickly by using the role system (see details below).
  • Special user accounts can be issued which have only access to a certain category of people like press or volunteers.
  • For shows using wrist bands:
    • A CheckIn module in HippoBase allows to find people easily and mark people who have received their wrist band
    • One or more colors can be assigned to each person
    • Print lists of people
    Equinis Accreditation Software
  • For shows using accreditation passes with pictures:
    • Save a picture, access zones and a function description for each person
    • Profit from our archive of 30000+ pictures from equestrian sport
    • Export data to the company printing the accreditation badges on site
    • When using our optional on-site accreditation photo&print service person records are synchornized with a local software (see picture) in your accreditation office. I.e. you can still add new people during the show or check if a particular pass has already been printed from your office.

c) Flight Bookings

  • A record with detailed information for an inbound and outbound flight can be assigned to each person.
  • Arriving or departing passengers and flights can be listed together with their hotel for the shuttle service.

Manage People with Roles (automatically available with any feature above)

A sophisticated system of categories and roles allows you to group, filter, sort and standardize people by what they do or what benefits they are entitled to.

As an example for the standardization of people, let us look at typical conditions for a competitor:

  • gets single room payed from date A to date B
  • gets wristbands in blue and yellow / accreditation with zones 1/4/6/7
  • has the right to bring along 1 partner, 1 groom and 4 horse owners

HippoBase can store rules like these for many different types of people in "roles". When a competitor is added to the system he will automatically get the default settings defined in his role. This even works if the competitor is added by a national federation who might not be aware of these conditions. The default settings may be altered later for each person individually.